PROCHEM AND ENV LLC is a limited liability company founded in 2016 by Eng.  LOUDEN BESINGI MOTINA as a trading company involve in the buying and selling of chemicals use in the building and construction sector such as cements, tile adhesives  etc. in the neighborhood of ekoumdoum in Yaoundé the capital city of Cameroon. our initial objectives was to commercialize this materials  but over the years we started reflecting on how we could produce and distribute some of this chemical products which were imported as such selling them at a lower cost than before. We released our first product rapid tile flex a tile adhesive made from local materials like quartz sand available and cheap from river sanaga. The tile adhesive popularly known as ‘CIMENT COLLE RAPID’ has been use as our main milestone to go forth with the production of many other chemical products and we are fully involve in services involve in house finishing such as tiling, painting, decoration, electricity etc. and our objective is that we want to be leaders in the products and services we render.
Our company has grown from a small beginning to a reliable quality products and service providers in cameroon and we hope to extern to cemac sub region.
We are registered under the RC/YAE/2018/B/2650 and our central location is in yaounde the capital city of cameroon


Prochem and env ltd  is an industrial chemical production company involve in the research ,production, innovation and service providing company involve in building construction sector   especially used in the decorative finish (esthetics) of buildings such as tile adhesives, tiles, tile cleaning acids, staff plasters, paints, grout, fillers, waterproofing agents, paints etc. also it services in the domain of house finishing (tiling, painting, staffing, grouting, other decorations of houses) this products and services is sold in all the CEMAC sub regions especially in Cameroon.
Market drivers: in Cameroon there was a recorded growth rate of 9.6% in the construction sector recorded in 2011 by the national institute of statistics  pdf . Which implies this regions are still under construction in a very fast rate and much in need of low cost and quality house finishing products/services (ecofriendly) for a more beautiful infrastructural development and recommend best practices which we have been providing for some years now.
This business is important because Cameroon as it stands does not have recognized enterprises and quality services providers in house finishing and decoration so we believe with our expertise we bring engineered solutions to this assuring quality in the esthetics of our infrastructures., also PC&E is working 24/7 to give the best quality products in their services they render according to client specifications.  
Quality/price ratio. Our prices are very low compared to existing products due to the fact that we are close to our main raw material and we provide and ideal quality respecting standards Cameroon norms NC234-2009-06. And international standards ANSI.


prochem and env ltd remain objective in the promotion of local material in the valorization of this materials such as clay, mud, sand, in to useful products such as cement, fired clay bricks, tiles, and other construction products.
 Also we are concern with the environment especially in waste reduction by the valorization or transformation of waste production to useful materials such as recycling waste tires by transforming it to useful construction products like bricks, roofing sheets, poles, etc. and the use of waste plastic bottles in making bricks.
We want to stand tall in what we do and stand out as leaders in the products and services we render in Cameroon and in the CEMAC sub region.



LOUDEN BESINGI MOTINA, CEO Prochem and environment ltd. responsible for all aspects of the business, and is particularly involved with long-range planning, research, new product formulation and realisation and selection of other staffs Read more




AMBE REX CHE , TECHNICAL DIRECTOR : responsible for the coordination of all technical aspects of the company, both products and services to be delivered respecting standards and client satisfaction Read more
Technical director Prochem And Env



Ntsama enama anne Clarisse : Director General PROCHEM & ENV : responsible for the coordination of highly efficient technical human resources  needed in prochem and env ltd  to execute all its services  read more

Director General PROCHEM



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