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Majority of the adhesive used in the construction industry is concerned with fastening decorative finishing materials to the insides and outside of building. For instance, the attachment of ceramic tiles and mosaics to floors and walls, wooden and flexible floor coverings, ceiling tiles, thermal insulation materials, wall veneers, covings, nosing, and so on, accounts for the usage of large amounts of a variety of adhesive materials. Tile adhesives are used for fixing tiles on various substrates. Presently in Cameroon there exist different brands of tile adhesives but tillers generally complain of the fact that when they adhere tiles on walls, the next day most of the tiles fall, tillers have no guarantee on the durability of the tiles on the walls or floors after been fixed, also tillers complain of the difficulties they face during the fixing of tiles using certain tile adhesives (ciment colle), all these problems are as a result of poor quality tile adhesives used as a consequence we worked hard to come up with a  formulation  of rapid tile flex (ciment colle rapid)  that will solve all this problems respecting  ANSI standards and that is: to improve workability, higher flexibility, and better adhesion.

Rapid tile flex is a powder based on cement as a binder and require the application of water prior to the application it is a Pre-packed polymer modified tile adhesives adapted in the modern building industry, e.g. as adhesives for fixing tiles and the installation of thermal insulation materials, as tile grout mortars, mineral decorative finishes and stuccos, self-levelling screeds and underlayment, waterproofing sealing slurries, repair mortars, jointing compounds, key-coats, masonry adhesives etc. Due to the high diversification of modern building materials, the  mortar of rapid tile flex  meet up various technical requirements like good adhesion on all kind of substrates, high deformation ability (flexibility) and excellent durability even under extreme climatic conditions all over the world most especially in tropical climate. The Production of tile adhesive valorises local materials which has always been the objective of prochem and env ltd  


Rapid tile flex is a specially formulated, polymer modified, deformable, standard setting, cement based adhesive. It is suitable for beds of 3 – 6mm, interior, exterior, floor and wall applications.   it is suitable for use up to 10mm in isolated areas. It is suitable for areas which are totally immersed in water e.g. swimming pools and wet rooms. Professional Flexible Standard Set is suitable for fixing ceramic, fully vitrified tiles, natural stone and mosaics to a variety of substrates including those subject to minor movement/vibration such as under floor heating and properly prepared timber.

  • Suitable for: Ceramic, marble/natural stone, porcelain, glass, mosaic and terrazzo tiles.
  • Suitable for: Under floor heating and over-sheeted timber.
  • Deformable Ideal for large format tiles. Grout after 24 hours
  • White and Grey available

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Is based on a special acid with the advantage that it is as aggressive to stains and efflorescence as much stronger acids but it does not produce highly dangerous toxic fumes. Correctly used,  RAPID  TILE CLEANING ACID does not damage joints between ceramic tiles, even those grouted with coloured products; but on the contrary, it removes efflorescence that sometimes form on their surfaces. Rapid tile cleaning acid exist in two forms

    tile cleaner
• Never use rapid tile cleaning acid on marble and in general on other calcareous stone or on reconstructed derivatives.
• Do not use rapid tile cleaning acid on ceramic tiles or surfaces where the glaze is not acid-resistant.
• When working with rapid tile cleaning acid, wear rubber gloves and goggles, and avoid splashing the product on the skin and clothes.
• Before use, make sure that the surfaces that need cleaning are acid resistant.
• In doubtful cases it is recommended to carry out preliminary tests.
• The contact between rapid tile cleaning acid and metallic surfaces may cause corrosion.
• Do not leave rapid tile cleaning acid on the joints too long and wash with plenty of water to remove any product residue which could provoke colour variation.
• Prevent rapid tile cleaning acid from coming into contact with metallic surfaces or finishes as this may result in corrosion.


Before cleaning with rapid tile cleaning acid, protect everything that can be damaged by splashing with acid. Above all if the surfaces are highly absorbent (cottotoscano, porous ceramic tiles, concrete, renders etc.) they must be well wetted with water before treatment with rapid tile cleaning acid. Apply rapid tile cleaning acid Liquid with a mop or brush, working in strips. Let the product act for about 5 minutes, scrub with a brush or abrasive sponge   to remove any crusting that still remains and continue scrubbing until all visible stains have disappeared.

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